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Page Last Updated:   July 6, 2016

Welcome to Liberty Herefords

Thanks for stopping by our site! We raise Commercial, Classic and Miniature Herefords. All of our stock is Naturally Fed and Grass Fattened.

The Miniature and the Classic Hereford comes from pure Hereford stock selectively bred for a smaller size, using smaller bulls and smaller cows. Classic herefords are the average size of what cows were in the 1960's with the cows weighing on average anywhere between 800 - 1100 lbs. Miniature Hereford cows are smaller yet weighing 650 - 800 lbs on average. Their gentle docile nature makes them quite fun to own. They are easy on fences and ideal for those with limited acreage.

Miniature Herefords are a hardy, adaptable, efficient breed. They mature early and the cows make excellent mothers. Miniature Herefords are cared for the same as standard size beef, but require far less space and feed. They are great beef producers,with a huge ribeye area and do extremely well as grass fed beef.

Miniature Herefords are a Great choice for showing, even for children, making them great 4H projects. As pets they bring lots of enjoyment and pleasure.


Feel free to look around and see what all is available and contact us at any time! Curtis & Carrie

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